School Motto:  "Sic Semper Alabamus"


Alabama Pacific University traces its origins to the founding of the Collegium de Alabamius in 1992. Since then the campus has grown to be one of Arkansas' premier private colleges.  The University has already started fundraising for the new campus to be completed in the year 2134 in Libya.  It is an exciting project and we are looking forward to it.


Alabama Pacific University History

In 1989, Richard “Dick” Hertz was denied admission to an Alabama Community College for failure to meet the admission standards.  Three years later, Mr. Hertz won a jackpot of an undisclosed amount in Tunica Mississippi.  He donated his trailer home as the location for a new college.  This new institution would be based on a 142 year plan; that Mr. Hertz conceived.  The ultimate realization of the plan would take place in 2134 with a futuristic campus built in modern day Libya. 

To reach this goal, Mr. Hertz called together the leading scholars of for-profit education in his area.  This meeting would mark the founding of the Collegium de Alabamius in 1992.  Those hand selected to attend were Richard Zucker, High School Principal; Michael Oxsmall, from the Garage Karate and VCR Repair Institute of Montgomery; and Mrs. Elizabeth Bangzer the longtime cashier at the Ben Franklin Variety Store where Mr. Hertz shopped.  Each person attending the Collegium was guaranteed a salary of $17,000 per year to perform faculty activities for the new school for the rest of their lives. 

The Collegium de Alabamius planned the curriculum of the school and set forth various academic documents.  In late 1992, Alabama Pacific College opened in Mr. Hertz former home.  It was called Hertz Hall.  As the trailer was severely damaged by fire, code inspectors required the school to relocate.  The school was forced to leave Alabama for good in 1994 after failing to meet the stringent educational requirements of the state.

Bill Himpson mistakenly believed that he would receive a tax deduction if he donated a trailer house in Arkansas to the college.  Alabama Pacific College relocated to Arkansas the following week.  Along with the relocation, faculty, students, and staff moved as well.  The library was towed in the abandoned van to the new campus location.  Devastated; Mr Hertz stayed behind. 

After failing to receive tax credit Mr. Himpson fought a three year legal battle with the college.  In 1998, the conflict ended. An alumnus Philip MacCracken ’95 offered his late mother’s home to the Alabama Pacific College in exchange for a faculty position and the awarding of a PhD.  The next year, it began to offer online course work. 

In the year 2000, to celebrate the millennium, Alabama Pacific College was renamed Alabama Pacific University.     In 2001, the school became fully accredited by the NAAUCU.  Since then the school has grown larger and larger.

In 2003, Alabama Pacific University purchased the National University and Technical School and the computing equipment of the recently defunct Tagoma Institute of Technology.  The plan was to consolidate the technological equipment of the Tagoma Institute and National to form the Video Gaming College of Montana.  However, due to financial difficulties the plan failed.  In 2004, APU sold the Tagoma Institute naming rights and history back to the original owners.  In early 2006, APU sold the rights and history of National University and Technical School to the Lower Intra-Continental Institute.  The monies from these transactions were used to form a joint venture with the Sports University of Central Kansas to form the Online Kansas Institute of Intelligent Design.   Alabama Pacific University is also planning a second location to be opened in 2007.

Best self-proclaimed unaccredited college in on the planet, 2/23/1999 to 5/30/1999 and 5/18/2005-5/20/2005. 

The first college to start out in a burned out trailer house. 

The first unaccredited school to offer a degree in Revisionist Mathematics.


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